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In the theater

This by Melissa James Gibson.

Presented by Kindred Entertainment 2018

“Don't walk but run to get your tickets to 'THIS'!! One of the best shows I have ever seen. After today's preview. I was moved beyond words. The truth, power, and grace I witnessed on the stage by these most dedicated artists. Left us speechless. Afterward, as I walked across the Granville St bridge deep in thought, I felt proud. Proud of these actors, proud of the producers, the director. Proud of what our community has become. You could not find better work on the stages of New York or London. Thank you, director  Bill Dow actors Zak Santiago, Karen Holness,Brad Dryborough,Ben Immanuel and Loretta Walsh for your specific, brave, beautiful and inspiring work.” - Phillip Grainger

Photos by Chara Berk Downey featuring Karen Holness, Zak Santiago, Ben Immanuel, Brad Dryborough and Loretta Walsh.

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Either We Talk or We Don't Talk

Presented by Kindred Entertainment 2015

Directed by Ben Immanuel

Created and performed by Danny Wattley, Stefania Indelicato, Amara Kremblewski, Penny Ray, Jerry Trimble, Kirkland Douglas, Loretta Walsh & Christopher Talbot

“This show is fantastic. The human heart and soul splat out on the stage for all. What a gift.” ~ Kathryn Kirkpatrick
“If you are in Vancouver you have to see this show, full stop. It is the best home grown theatre I have seen in this town. Guaranteed to sell out quickly so book now!” ~ Mark Downey

Photo by Chara Berk Downey, featuring Danny Wattley, Jerry Trimble and Amara Kremblewski


White Hot by Tommy Smith

Presented by Kindred Entertainment in 2014

Fantastic freaking play! The reason for Theatre's existence resides in this play and its players! Bravo! – Kelly Sarmiento

If you wanna see some provocative/hilarious/super impressive theatre with actors at the top of their game, go see White Hot – Jen Spence

Photo by Chara Berk Downey featuring Stefania Indelicato and Loretta Walsh

Dinner with Friends image.jpg

Dinner with Friends by Donald Margulies


Presented by Dirty Manhattan Equity Co-Op with co-producers Loretta Walsh (Kindred Entertainment), Jenn Maclean-Angus & Noel Johansen in 2012

"....The production is gorgeous. There’s beauty in the rhythms of Margulies’s writing, especially in the overlapping dialogue, and, under Jennifer Clement’s direction, this cast of four makes music with the flow. Ben Ratner is particularly good as Tom. Ratner, who works a lot in film and TV, has a phenomenally easeful delivery and scruffy, doglike charm.  Loretta Walsh is also seamlessly convincing as Beth…. Jenn MacLean-Angus’s performance as Karen provided the most moving moments of the evening. Noel Johansen’s Gabe is also strong….

Former actor Peter Wilds’s first set design is crazily successful. Using budget-minded modular pieces and a limited palette of black, white, grey, cream, and pale green, he creates a series of deluxe interiors for the affluent characters. And then there’s the ceiling of clear light bulbs. Yowzer." - Colin Thomas

Photo by Selim Mete featuring Noel Johansen, Jenn Maclean-Angus, Loretta Walsh and Ben Immanuel

LH Loretta.jpg

Lobby Hero by Kenneth Lonergan

Presented by  Dirty Manhattan Equity Co-op, Producer Loretta Walsh/Kindred Entertainment in 2010

“For 20 bucks, you can go see Lobby Hero at the Havana Theatre and have an experience that’s more satisfying than that provided by anything currently playing on this town’s bigger, more expensive stages.”

“The roughly vivacious dialogue is always a huge pleasure and, under Kelly-Ruth Mercier’s direction, the acting in this production is tremendous.” - Colin Thomas

“Overall I thought this production is well worth seeing. And best of all, the issue of moral absolutes and ambiguity, and of bending one's principles in unusual circumstances, made for an engrossing post-show discussion enroute home. My favorite kind of evening!”- Gillian Lockitch

Photo by Lee Buckley featuring Loretta Walsh & Daren Herbert

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