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Kindred Theatre Supporters

Here are our Sponsors and Donors.

Without them, our shows just would not happen. We are eternally grateful.

Thank you!

Our Donors:

Andrew McIlroy & Associates

Claudie Azoulai & Gary Snarch

Jo-Ann Shapiro

Rachel Snarch & Eric Girard

Barbara Deutsch

Zak Santiago

Janette Stephens

Nicolina Pavek

Neil Shapiro

Karen Chamberlain

Pia Sprague

Aaron Craven

Sharon Taylor

Hrothgar Matthews & Gabrielle Rose

Jack Wagner

Bill McNaughton

Orlena Cain

Christy Webb Gibson and Jeff Gibson

Vanessa Parise

Terri Gilmore

Marg Stark

Martha Hermsen

Holly Peterson

Siobhan Devine


Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors are an Integral part of Kindred Theatre.

Please support them!

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